Hot Club periodicly welcomes in Musician in Residence from around the world. Ken Allday joined the group for a month, in from Louisville, Kentucky.

Promo video for Grand Boubousse. Popular for swing dance events in the capital region and beyond. 

This was the rehearsal for my senior recital. All total, my channel now has more than 1.5 million views.

This was my senior recital at Skidmore College. Performance with fellow Filene Scholar Mugi Ayurzana and world renowned chamber pianist, Andre Michel Schub.

Medley of tunes captured at the Troy NY Farmer's Market.

Recorded clarinet track in Saratoga and shipped it off to composer in UK. Track was used in dozens of commercials that featured celebrity chefs. Commercials ran during prime-time TV in UK with a viewership between 10-15 million people per slot. 

DPO Orchestra featuring Nick Manzella on vocals on the tune The Rose in Her Hair. 

Golfstrom performs annually at the legendary Caffe Lena. This tune is a German Foxtrot. Golfstrom plays an ecletic mix of 1930-60's folk and pop songs with origins ranging from Russia, to France, to Mexico.


Performed Armé Arirang for Clarinet in A and iPad at the recital of composer Mary Simoni at EMPAC in Troy, NY. I used several unique techniques: harmonics and harmonizing with my voice. The iPad was used to modify my sound. 


Outside concert in Verdi Square, NYC. 



Golfstrom's first CD. Available at shows only. 

DPO's first CD. Available at shows and online here

Heard's second CD. Available at shows and online here

Original EP by Dylan Perrillo. Available at DPO shows and online here

Heard's debut CD. Broke the top 15 World Jazz Charts. Available at shows and online here

Hot Club's debut CD. Available at shows and online here

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